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Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 6 – 2 of 2

Alright, so as I noted in my previous post this Part 6 came in 2 parts, if that makes any sense. And so, I now give you the second part of the sixth part (confusing?) of this epic saga of sexy awesomeness created by the coolest Chatroulette troll on the planet (this dude named Dominic, click here for his YouTube channel). Prepare yourself for well, more of the same, but with the same randomness as always, since you really never know what kind of reactions you’re going to get, what kind of people you’re going to get, or even what exactly you’re going to get from the dude himself, since he does always seem to add in new improvisations you probably haven’t heard in his past episodes. If you haven’t seen any of these yet you might want to start at the first one because they’re all pretty epic. Anyway, check out this last part of the last part of the series (so far at least) below: