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Free Random Text Chat with Picture Sharing

Today, I’m bringing you a new website called MeetSkip that has really managed to perfect random text chat rooms. They’ve taken their app to a whole new level by making it work perfectly on every different type of device you could possibly want to use. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mobile phone, your tablet, your laptop, or your desktop PC – the site will still work perfectly to satisfy all your random chatting needs! Of course, this isn’t just your regular random chat app, they took it a step further but adding in an awesome image sharing feature. This feature allows you to select any photos from your camera roll that you want and plug them right into your conversation. That is a pretty big deal, considering how even Omegle doesn’t provide this super important feature. If you’re already convinced that this is probably the online chat site for you, go ahead and check it out at:

The addition of the previously mentioned pic share capability adds a lot to the service. If you think about it, we humans tend to love visuals, and adding them into the mix greatly helps make any conversations you have to be a whole lot more meaningful. Only being able to chat with text and nothing to look at can be a bit dull, and generally less enjoyable, so having the features this free random chat site has really does make it one of the best spots available if you want to talk to strangers. Other than that extra feature, this website is pretty typical as far as functionality is concerned. There is one more extra capability they have that most others don’t though, and that is some built-in emoticons. So, if you’re one of those people that has to have those extra emotes in order to get your points across, you will definitely want to check out MeetSkip.

Omegle Random Chat by Country

If you’re looking to have an Omegle random video or text chat, but you want to choose the country of the users you are connected with, there is a site to help you out! The site gives you great alternative sites like Omegle where you can talk to strangers, and it helps you find them based on whichever country you choose. In this way, you can get a more local feeling as you go about your usual stranger chat room fun, and you’re of course more likely to speak the same language as the person you are randomly connected with. If this sounds great and you want to go ahead and give the website with this “choose country” capability, head on over:

As random chatting has evolved over time, the idea of being able to be connected to people nearby has become more and more prevalent. Some sites have implemented their own location-based features already, and others have primarily stuck to the old school 100% random format. Either way, the number of quality random chat app site choices has increased continually, such that users like you have plenty of options and cool new ways to enjoy yourself in online chat rooms. The world of chatting is getting more and more awesome by the day, so make sure you make the most of it and check out a variety of different websites, rather than spending all your time on any single one.

Whether you’re in the USA, UK, Russia, Sweden, or anywhere else, the one great thing about a nice Omegle like random video chat session is that you can instantly come together and realize that these people all over the world might not be so different from you. No matter what the media says about other countries, the people who live there are still human. This is the other nice thing about being able to choose chat partners by country – if you want to meet people from a particular country to see what they’re like, you can do that to.

Chatroulette Prank: Purple Shark Sexy Time

So I hadn’t checked in with my favorite Chatroulette prankster on Youtube in quite a while, so I decided to take a look at his channel. And, what do you know, he uploaded another awesome prank video recently that features the “Purple Shark” and him rocking out to some Marvin Gaye, among other hilarious “sexy time” style songs. The reactions of his unsuspecting chat session matches are hilarious, and he adds his usual funny charisma into the mix. This guy has been making these videos for a really long time, and they’re always enjoyable to watch. Anyway, this video is definitely worth checking out, so here you go!

Looking for a video random chat site?

Hey guys, if you’re looking for a quality website where you can get your random video chat fix, look no further! I recently stumbled upon another great addition to our list of awesome Omegle site alternatives, and it’s called Random Chat Cam. The good thing about this site is that it doesn’t only offer a regular video Chatroulette option, but it also offers the extra text-only option similar to Omegle. However, it goes a step further with its text option, but adding extra features into the mix! One of the key extra features added is the ability to send images back and forth. This is pretty major, because strangers eventually always want to become less of strangers to one another if they hit it off well, and moving that extra step towards actual friendship generally requires people to show each other what they look like in reality. Or, even if you don’t necessarily want to send a picture of yourself, it’s also always nice to be able to illustrate a topic of conversation with related images that spice up the conversation. I think you get the point – sending pictures is a pretty big deal, and a super amazing addition.

The other extra added by is a group chat rooms section. Similar to the old fashioned chat rooms you might already be familiar with where people are all in one room and can see everyone else already in that room, the “group” page of this site takes that concept and then adds to it. One thing it adds to it is of course the ability to live stream yourself on cam and view the live video of other people as well. This includes audio, and if enough people are engaging one another in an orchestrated group, things can get really interesting and entertaining very quickly. But, that is not the only extra feature included in this section of the site. Another one is the ability to gain and utilize these things called “credits”, which are basically like virtual money that allow you to do cool things within the room. You can gain the credits by just being active in the chat rooms app, and then you can save them up and use them to send people gifts, among other things. Nothing is better than being able to send presents to people in order to express your interest in them or to make a joke!

Well, that’s about as much detail as I think you need, make sure you head on over and check them out, and I’ll see you next time 🙂

Omegle like Random Chat Alternative Site

Hi there! If you’re looking for a great alternative site like Omegle for random chat sessions, look no further. There is one great one that has more features than any other if you’re looking to text chat, and that one is RandomSkip. They even recently came out with a mobile phone app too, so that’s pretty cool. One of the great features of their service is they allow you to actually send images back and forth with your new friends you meet, and it works perfectly. This is great, because I personally was always annoyed with Omegle for not being able to send pictures to the stranger I would be talking to. Anyway, their site has multiple different chatting options on it, so you aren’t limited to text-only if you want to switch to video, group, or whatever. But, for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on the Omegle random text chat alternative part of their site.

I already mentioned the images feature, but I really can’t emphasize enough how much of a huge difference this makes when you’re in the middle of a discussion with someone. Putting a face with the great personality you just met makes things soooo much more interesting and more importantly, personal. Sitting there and talking to a ghost just isn’t quite the same as being able to clearly picture that other person who also randomly ended up in the same private room as you. There simply isn’t a substitute for it, and that doesn’t even include the ability to send even more photos showing all the great and awesome things you’ve been up to or observed lately in life!

Images aren’t the only extra bonus to using RandomSkip instead, they also have emoticons built in AND the ability to change your username! If you’re anything like me, you always have to incorporate emoticons in your conversations, it’s like second nature! 🙂 🙂 Can you imagine even trying to talk to someone, let alone a stranger, without being able to illustrate how you’re expressing yourself as you say whatever it is you happen to be saying? It’s super hard…and often times outright weird. If you ever wondered why it is that often times people don’t get your jokes over text messages, it’s basically the same kind of reason, which is that when we speak to people in person we’re able to convey a “tone” with our voices that helps the person listening to us discern that we’re joking or sarcastic, and so on. When you remove the tone, which is what happens when you switch to messages, you end up with a situation where people can easily misinterpret or misunderstand what you were trying to communicate to them, and things can be taken the wrong way. This, of course, is super annoying. Anyway, the point is, this is why you need emotes! Whew, that was a long explanation.

Top Random Chat rooms list

Exciting news, a new ranking list of all the best video random chat room sites has just come out! According to the site, they utilize a “rigorous testing and scoring methodology” which includes multiple different categories which are combined to produce a total score. The list looks very professional, so I am inclined to believe there was some serious effort put in to it. The usual big names such as Chatroulette and Omegle are included, but also a lot of others you may not be familiar with. I have quoted the list below, but you can see the original rankings, which also include website descriptions, here: Top Random Chat. I also went ahead and added links to our own reviews next to each site.

  1. iMeetzu – Our Review
  2. Webcam Bam – Our Review
  3. Cam Random Chat – Our Review
  4. Speedy Cams – Our Review
  5. Random Skip – Our Review
  6. Spinner Chat – Our Review
  7. Holler Chat – Our Review
  8. Cool Streamz – Our Review
  9. Swag Cams – Our Review
  10. Omegle – Our Review
  11. Chatroulette – Our Review
  12. Bazoocam – Our Review
  13. Tinychat – Our Review
  14. Camzap – Our Review
  15. Chatrandom – Our Review

Any of these we do not yet have reviews for we will be doing reviews for shortly, so stay tuned! As far as I can tell this list was constructed by people with a lot of experience webcam random chatting, so you should probably bookmark it and come back whenever you’re looking to try a new site. If you don’t agree with the ranking, they have a contact form available where you can give them feedback – maybe you could even suggest new sites to them and get them to expand the list a bit, who knows! Besides that, enjoy yourself and go meet as many strangers as you can!

Chatroulette Prank: Valentine Sexy Time Special

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of Chatroulette pranks lately, mostly all by this same guy, because he’s awesome. The last one I posted involved chocolate, but for this one Dominic adds a little something special for Valentine’s Day. He also brings Dill the Pickle into the equation again, which makes for an entertaining persona mix at least as good as if not better than anything you’ve seen of his before. Oh, and he does such a good job charming that one of the ladies makes the ultimate suggestion (hint: it involves a ring), so that’s how you know this episode is rock solid. Check it:

Chatroulette Prank: Sexual Chocolate

Dominic decides to throw a little something extra into the routine this time, chocolate, and it works out pretty well! He also switches up the music a bit that he uses to woo the unsuspecting girls. If you aren’t familiar with this actor and his continuous Chatroulette pranks, you may also want to check out his last prank I posted about – all his videos are good but I think I liked the last one I posted a bit more than this one. This one is still worthwhile though, so make sure you give it a look! I’ll be posting a lot more of his videos along with other pranks in the future so make sure you stay tuned. Here’s the video:

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time in 2013

And the saga continues! I thought this guy (Dominic DeAngelis) might be all tapped out after his last sexy time episode, but boy was I wrong! He has decided to keep the series going, much to my own delight, and I was definitely not disappointed! In this episode he takes on quite a few ladies with his trade mark Marvin Gaye background music, and makes all kinds of moves, well, as much of a “move” as you can make from behind a computer screen. No matter how many times I see him pull this routine it just never gets old, and the reaction of the girls is pretty priceless. Anyway, I won’t keep you any longer, check out the video below!

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 6 – 2 of 2

Alright, so as I noted in my previous post this Part 6 came in 2 parts, if that makes any sense. And so, I now give you the second part of the sixth part (confusing?) of this epic saga of sexy awesomeness created by the coolest Chatroulette troll on the planet (this dude named Dominic, click here for his YouTube channel). Prepare yourself for well, more of the same, but with the same randomness as always, since you really never know what kind of reactions you’re going to get, what kind of people you’re going to get, or even what exactly you’re going to get from the dude himself, since he does always seem to add in new improvisations you probably haven’t heard in his past episodes. If you haven’t seen any of these yet you might want to start at the first one because they’re all pretty epic. Anyway, check out this last part of the last part of the series (so far at least) below: