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Do You Still Use Chatroulette?

A lot of bloggers kind of wrote off Chatroulette as a fad that would fade away with time. To their credit, Chatroulette has faded a bit from where it began. However, they are wrong in the sense that although it lost some of its initial popularity it is still hugely popular. Thus, I suppose it would seem that to some people it really was a fad, but to a large number of people who continue to use it to this day, it was not. And now, the site continues to evolve as the founder, Andrey Ternovsky, continuously makes changes, trying to take care of the nudity problem and make the service work faster / more efficiently.

So, whether or not you yourself still use Chatroulette, millions of other people still do every month, and the site is very much alive and well. Maybe if you don’t still use it but you did find it initially to be captivated you should make a point to check it out again from time to time to see if the right changes have been made to make you once again be interested in giving it a try. After all, as with most websites on the internet, this one is constantly evolving, and striving to be better / attract a bigger user base.