Talk to Just Girls Gay Chat Chatroulette Francais Cam Chat Chatroulette Francais Cam Chat¬†, also known as¬†Chatroulette Francais, is a random video chat site that quite obviously targets the French population. However, it is not merely a copy of Chatroulette, it also goes on to offer it’s own extra features. The main extra feature is the Multicams Chat, which seems to allow you to enter group webcam rooms and view as many other people’s live streams as you want, send private messages to as many people as you want, and also converse in the main room chat area at the same time. So, that’s a great extra system to have in place on top of the usual roulette.

At any rate, it would seem based on the Alexa info that is actually pretty popular, and has done very well in France, as would be expected. Much like other German-focused sites I’ve already written posts about such as Chatpig, this site presents an opportunity to learn a new language if that’s something you desire, and it looks like it might be a bit more fun than flashcards. This site does also get a lot of traffic from other countries as well, but when I looked in the chat rooms it seemed as though they were always speaking in French, so take that as you will. Anyway, if this seems to be of interest to you give it a visit at