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Rounds Video Chat Social Entertainment Platform

Rounds Video Chat Social Entertainment Platform Rounds is a popular Facebook app that is a lot more than just a random roulette webcam chat room. In their own words, Rounds is a:

“social entertainment platform that offers its members the ability to webcam chat, play multi-user, real-time games together, watch videos and enjoy many different interactive online activities in a fun and playful way”

They also seem to refer to the use of their app as “video chat rounds” as though you’re sort of “making the rounds” etc which kind of ties in to roulette chatting in many respects. The major difference is all the awesome features they’ve added and of course, the fact that it’s a Facebook app, so you lose the anonymity you would get with Chatroulette. But with the loss of one thing, comes the gains of another: less worrying about running into disgusting live feeds, more of an ability to be matched with people of similar interests, etc.

One of the best parts about Rounds video chat is they have over 30 games and activities you can utilize while connected with another user for a chat session. This can make what would normally be a dull simple meeting into a much more adventurous and entertaining one, and make it much easier to break the ice. Thus, there are a lot of advantages to using Rounds instead of your typical anonymous service. At any rate, make sure you check out this app by visiting