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What Makes Chatroulette Addictive?

For many people Chatroulette merely adds fuel to the fire of an already problematic internet addiction. It’s kind of like a crutch in some ways. You see, if you’re bored at home alone and just can’t think of anything to do, why get up off your lazy butt and go meet new people in the real world when you can just point and click your way through 1000’s of new people from the comfort of your ergonomic desk chair? Yes, that’s right, ERGONOMIC! That sure beats sitting on some rock hard bar stool and having to PAY for drinks, am I right? Totally…..NOT. Look, as entertaining as Chatroulette may be, there is no substitute for meeting people in real life, and your internet addiction is bringing you down fool! You have to man up and free yourself of the addiction, and the  “next” addiction (pun totally intended….I think).

However, it may not just be this addiction to meeting new people when bored / handling a lonely feeling in the easiest way possible. The thing is, for some people, it’s a whole lot more than that, and yes, I am referring to those people you come upon pretty often that happen to not be wearing any clothes and doing unsightly things. Honestly, I think we all kind of want to know what THOSE people are thinking. Are they crazy? Or, are they just too full of testosterone? I’m going to guess a little bit of both, and I’m going to add that they probably never get laid. Thus, if you triangulate these three issues, you get the  “trifecta of sexual frustration doom”! Once under the spell of the noted trifecta, addiction to something like Chatroulette comes easy, and is tough to crack.

In summary, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I wanted to make a coherent point that might be totally incorrect  it would be:

Chatroulette is mildly addictive to someone nursing a lonely feeling, but the hardcore addict does not become seriously addicted due to Chatroulette itself, but rather, due to their own personal circumstances and how they personally interact with the world around them.