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Wocchat Roulette Video Chat Social Network

Wocchat Roulette Video Chat Site¬†Wocchat (World of Chat) ¬†is one of the older random chatting sites, which came out from what I recall after Omegle but before Chatroulette. They’re one of the few sites that also combined the random chatting features with those of a social network, similar to iMeetzu. This combination seemed to help them gain in popularity, well, at least back in the day. Since their peak they’ve definitely died down a bit, but they still remain decently popular as far as I can tell. A quick look at their Alexa traffic ranking and other included information allows me to confirm my assumptions.

Alexa shows Wocchat as still holding a decent ranking, but the trend definitely isn’t up. Nonetheless, at this very moment they still have enough users to keep the site going, which is really what matters when it comes down to it. If you decide to give them a visit, you’ll see that the social networking features tend to dominate the menu, and the roulette system is confined to a single page. Thus, it would seem they really wanted to concentrate on building their community, but people just didn’t stick around as much as they hoped. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard enough by now to decide if you want to check them out – you will find them at