Omegle Spy Mode

So, Omegle’s “spy mode” feature is saweet, so I thought I’d make a post on it. I might have mentioned it in my previous Omegle review, but whatever. Anyway, the spy mode functionality lets you pose a question, or make a statement, or basically say anything you want, and then have what you wrote be used as a prompt for a conversation for two OTHER people. Of course, since it’s SPY mode, you get to watch and see everything they say to one another. In other words, if you say something that gets a hot girl to give her phone number to the other person, you can totally stalk the conversation and be a creeper and call the girl yourself, yippy! Ok, maybe that would be a little weird, although it would kind of be a funny “prank”, or at least you could say you were just calling as a “prank” if the call didn’t go so well, haha. Best case, the girl would be all like “It’s you, OMG, you’re the [insert-thing-you-prompted-her-with-here] guy, that is like so kewl, come do me now!”. So, if you make the call for any reason, that should be it.

Anyway, point is, spy mode is awesome, at least when you get two people willing to play along. You can kind of refine your questions over time, and the things you can test are essentially endless. I mean, you can literally say anything you want every time, it’s pretty legit. One time I asked some stupid question about celebrities and it turned into a guy and a girl getting to know each other a little too well, if you know what I mean 😉 😉 so yea the possibilities are truly infinite. Just make sure you don’t cut out too early, because often times a conversation can go from somewhat dull to highly entertaining in the blink of an eye! So yea, GO USE SPY MODE NOW….or else.

Sites Like Omegle

If you love Omegle as much as I do, I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind as to whether or not there any other sites out there that really compare to it. To put it simply, there’s basically only one site that even comes close, because most roulette chat sites just don’t offer a text-only version on top of video. That in itself is the main difference, and for whatever reason almost every other popular random chatting site out there does not have both webcam and text options to choose from. It’s weird, because you think the competition would get a clue after seeing the continued popularity of text-only, but it is what it is. Anyway, here’s a list of sites that at least provide a roulette-style chat similar to Omegle’s, even if they don’t have a text-only feature.

1. iMeetzu

iMeetzu is the most similar site like Omegle that I know of, and it was started right after Omegle came onto the scene. First, they were also text-only, and then when Omegle added video they followed suit. However, there are some major differences. iMeetzu has it’s own social network sort of attached to the random chatting, and it also has group cam chat functionality. This gives you an interesting twist on your average roulette site, because a social network built on the stranger community is very unique. Anyway, iMeetzu is the only site I know of that has both text and video options to choose from. Read our full iMeetzu review by clicking here.

2. Chatroulette

Obviously any list of random chat sites is not complete without this major player. Yes, I know, they don’t have a text-only option, but hey, it’s like I said before, literally only one site does that I know of. Anyway, if for some reason you aren’t familiar with Chatroulette, it was the site that really sparked worldwide attention for the roulette chat niche and made the category as popular as it is today. Although it is video-only, it has been featured in South Park, so that’s how you know it’s legit! Read our full review here, or visit them now.

3. Chatrandom

Chatrandom is one of the most popular random chat sites on the market. It only trails Omegle and Chatroulette in terms of visitors, at least as far as I can tell. It has risen to prominence by offering a variety of features. It has the typical roulette video room, but adds on to it with a group live cam chat rooms option, and then a “multi chat” option. These extra two features seem to be very popular, and as far as I can tell have lent a major helping hand in terms of Chatrandom’s success. Click here for our full review, or just visit the site directly.

4. Streamberry

You may not have heard of this site before because as far as I can tell it’s relatively new to the scene. Or, if it isn’t new, it has risen in popularity somewhat recently. At any rate, in terms of offerings Streamberry provides two main options: typical random cam chat and group video rooms. It has a lot of users online at any given moment, which is obviously necessary for any site like this to be worth a visit. That being said, although they don’t necessarily provide anything you can’t get somewhere else, they’re probably still worth checking out because a lot of times the types of people that visit different sites can shift dramatically just by virtue of it being a different domain name. You can read our review here.

5. Camzap

This site was founded shortly after Chatroulette went viral, and it seemed to sort of piggyback on Chatroulette’s fame in order to obtain it’s own popularity. It was initially essentially an exact imitation, but now it has added something extra that does in fact set it apart a bit. If you look for the beta version link you will see that in that version there is a user registration option, and this allows you to then add friends as you use the service, which can be great for keeping track of some great new contacts. Click here for our review, or visit the service now.

6. Chatville

Chatville used to be primarily focused on being a sort of Facebook friendly version of Chatroulette. However, it would seem that idea may have failed, because now Chatville seems to be focused on providing an adult-oriented video chat environment that is not integrated with Facebook at all. This isn’t really a big surprise, when you consider what happened with Airtime. Anyway, this site actually is pretty popular, and the software backing it is pretty legit, so check them out. You can read our complete review here.

7. RandomSkip

With random text chat, roulette video chat, and group webcam chat all in one site, what more can you ask for? Not much. RandomSkip is new, and popular, so make sure you give them a visit!

Omegle Spy Mode Prank: Stranger 1 loves Stranger 2?

Omegle‘s popular spy mode feature can lead to some major fun if you come up with creative enough questions. You can obtain ridiculously entertaining reactions from the two users who duke it out trying to answer whatever question you pose to them. Anyway, this example of such creativity caught my eye recently, so I thought I would share it with you. It actually made me think of a concept which I had not previously occurred to me, which is this concept of attempting to include references to the users who will be arguing over the question within the question itself. This is definitely something I will have to play around with :)

Anyway, here’s the prank in action:

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Omegle Random Text & Video Chat

Omegle random video and text chat room Omegle is arguably the first site to popularize random (aka roulette) chatting as we know it today. It started out as random text-only chat room when it was created back in March of 2008 by Leif K-Brooks.  Random video chat, however, was first started by Chatroulette later on in November 2009. iMeetzu, another popular stranger chat site and the first random chat social network popped up in July 2009, so it was between Omegle and Chatroulette. Either way though, the idea of “random chatting” really started with Omegle, and they have continued to add features such as random video chat and a newer function called “spy (question) mode” that allows you to ask a question and watch two people talk to each other about the answer. It’s really cool, you should give it a try!

At any rate, Omegle continues to keep the text-only stranger chat they started with separate from their video version, so if you aren’t a fan of video this is a great option. They also have an iPhone app for all you Apple heads, so be sure to download that and give it a try when you’re on the road! We definitely recommend Omegle as one of the better chat rooms on the internet, in fact we think it’s so good that we will give it second place, only coming behind one other amazing chat room, iMeetzu. Anyway, make sure to check Omegle out by visiting them at Also if you are looking for similar websites check out our other post: Sites Like Omegle.