Hehechat Group Chat Rooms Online

Hehechat Group Chat Rooms Online Hehechat is a free provider of online chat rooms that utilize Adobe Flash. The site seems to be pretty popular and active, and there are two main rooms that people seem to congregate in. First, there is the general chat room, and then there is the adult chat room. Based on my experience, it would seem both have roughly the same number of users at any given time. However, it would seem that neither of these main rooms have the functionality for running live video feeds, and the one other room they have dedicated to video chatting has essentially nobody in it, which was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they will upgrade the software of their main rooms to include video sometime in the near future. On a related note, as you would have probably guessed, there is no roulette chatting functionality.

According to Alexa they have a pretty solid number of daily visitors coming through, with USA being their main location. It also looks like they are trending upwards, which is always a good sign with a chat site. After all, trending in the opposite direction can kill a chat site pretty quick, at least based in my experience. The site layout is pretty plain, and kind of old school, but I suppose it still gets the job done. The software is just embedded there in the middle of the page, and that’s all that really matters in the end. Anyway, check them out if you want at www.hehechat.com.