Wireclub Free Online Chat Rooms

¬†Wiredclub is a popular chatting site with a variety of group chat rooms and games to choose from, but no Chatroulette-type service. Room and game topics include private chat lobby, dating, bingo, philosophy, music, blackjack, religion, slots, and atheism. Thus, there are a whole lot of ways to entertain yourself on the site! However, one downside for those of you who like remaining anonymous is you have to register before you can chat or play any games. The benefits of this include the ability to view people’s profiles and learn more about them right away, the ability to search for people, and the ability to add anyone as a friend so you can more easily save new contacts. Of course, registering and using the site is completely free.

Based on the Alexa data for this site, it seems to be pretty popular. To verify this I went in to the chat rooms, and they all seem to be pretty active, so that’s a good sign. It also looks like they get a lot of traffic from USA, Australia, and Canada – there are also plenty of other countries, but those seem to be the big ones. If you look at the design of user profiles, it’s not too bad, but not that great either – I guess it’s good enough to get the job done, which is what counts. Also, one more cool feature I noticed is you have the ability to create and join clubs, so that could be fun – I remember back in the day when Facebook clubs were considered ultra cool, so this could bring back some of that spunk. Anyway, if you like what you hear check them out at www.wireclub.com.