ChatBazaar Free Online Chat & Dating Site

Chatbazaar Chatbazaar is a relatively popular free chatting and dating site. The site seems to have a focus on USA and UK residents, which also seems to be backed up by its Alexa research data as far as I can tell. To use the dating portion of the site you are required to register and create a profile, as would be expected. As for the chatting portion of the site, you are not required to register to use it, and it utilizes Adobe Flash software and has multiple rooms to choose from. These rooms include General, I Am Bored, Age 18-25, Age 26-35, Age 36-45, and Age 46+. Breaking the rooms down by age is definitely a plus, and I think that is one of ChatBazaar’s stronger features.

In terms of random chatting, the site does not seem to include your typical Chatroulette version of chatting. However, the chat rooms it does have all seem to have quite a few people in them, so that’s a plus. I should also add, that although you are not required to register to use the chatting functionality, if you do register extra features are unlocked for you to use, so if you like what you see you will probably want to register right away. Another thing I should mention is that they also have a mobile chat system, so that’s definitely a nice little addition to everything else they have going on. Anyway, you can check them out at