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Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 6 – 1 of 2

Just when I thought this guy was done with his “sexy time” run of awesomeness, he comes back and surprises me with yet ANOTHER episode! And not only that, but it’s a TWO part deal! Hellz yes! Anyway, in this one, like the others (click here to start at the beginning), he is his usual charismatic, and, dare I say “charming” self? Haha, I guess I will let you decide whether or not what he does counts as “charming” or not. Anyway, that’s besides the point, all that really matters is that he is FUNNY, duhhhhhh. Ok ok, enough chitchat, take a gander at this here video! Enjoy 🙂

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 5 [Sexy Chef]

In this awesome and sadly, last episode of the series, the actor takes on the character of a sexy chef and sweeps the ladies off their feet (okay, maybe not…lol). But he definitely gives it his all, and although you may not see him physically writing down numbers, you know the ladies want to give them to him, I mean come on, he’s got moves for days! And I’m pretty sure at one point I saw a lady offer up her Facebook profile for a connection there, so that’s pretty much as good as a phone number am I right? Why call someone to talk when you can just like and comment on their Facebook statuses! Yea! Okay, getting off on a tangent there, back to the roulette video chat prank! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes you might want to start with the first one by clicking here. You’ll see a link at the bottom of the page to take you to episode 2, then another one to get to part 3, etc. you get the idea! Alright, now watch this video:

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 4 [Sexy Cuban]

Yes, the epic trilogy has expanded to…whatever you call it when it’s 4 episodes…Anyway, in this version the actor guy takes on the persona of a Cuban who always thinks it’s sexy time, Marvin Gaye style, if you know what I mean. And, the introduction of a furry friend also takes place, although I suppose “furry” may not be the right word exactly, I don’t know, you’ll see when you watch! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chatroulette, click here. For those of you who haven’t seen any of the previous episodes and want to watch them first, here are links to parts one, two, and three. Alright, now watch the amazing roulette video chat prank below!

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 3 [Dill the Pickle]

Yep, there’s a part three to this epic run of Sexy Time webcam roulette pranks! And with this one the guy introduces Dill the Pickle for a little extra pizzazz, if you know what I mean 😉 . This really never gets old, it’s almost sad how entertaining it is, if that makes any sense. If you haven’t watched any of the previous videos and are looking for a little context check out part one here and part two here, but you really don’t need any context for this, it’s just that good. In any event, it’s time to start laughing, so watch the video below:

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time Part 2

The awesomeness just doesn’t end with this guy! If you haven’t seen the first one yet check it out by clicking here. This guy’s “sexy time” persona never gets old, and neither do the reactions of all the unsuspecting victims, it’s hilarious! And the best part is  he keeps adding new little quirks into the mix that make it even better, I won’t give them away but be on the lookout, an don’t take your eyes off the screen or you might miss one of the little cues that really set off each segment. In any case, for nearly 12 full minutes of legitimate awesomeness, watch the video below:

Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time

The same guy responsible for the awesome Sensitive Loser Dude prank video has struck gold again with this gem of a prank. Yes it does involve a “sexy time” as the title suggests, but no worries, it’s PG rated material, and it’s definitely not what you’re expecting. I’m pretty sure I would crack up big time if I came across this guy on Chatroulette and he did this to me! The very first scene is pretty awesome, because his lead-in line is amazing, even though it might be kind of cheesy – he executes with utter perfection. But it doesn’t end with the first scene, he makes great moves throughout the video, so make sure to watch it from start to finish. Alright, enough from me, watch the video below:

Omegle Spy Mode

So, Omegle’s “spy mode” feature is saweet, so I thought I’d make a post on it. I might have mentioned it in my previous Omegle review, but whatever. Anyway, the spy mode functionality lets you pose a question, or make a statement, or basically say anything you want, and then have what you wrote be used as a prompt for a conversation for two OTHER people. Of course, since it’s SPY mode, you get to watch and see everything they say to one another. In other words, if you say something that gets a hot girl to give her phone number to the other person, you can totally stalk the conversation and be a creeper and call the girl yourself, yippy! Ok, maybe that would be a little weird, although it would kind of be a funny “prank”, or at least you could say you were just calling as a “prank” if the call didn’t go so well, haha. Best case, the girl would be all like “It’s you, OMG, you’re the [insert-thing-you-prompted-her-with-here] guy, that is like so kewl, come do me now!”. So, if you make the call for any reason, that should be it.

Anyway, point is, spy mode is awesome, at least when you get two people willing to play along. You can kind of refine your questions over time, and the things you can test are essentially endless. I mean, you can literally say anything you want every time, it’s pretty legit. One time I asked some stupid question about celebrities and it turned into a guy and a girl getting to know each other a little too well, if you know what I mean 😉 😉 so yea the possibilities are truly infinite. Just make sure you don’t cut out too early, because often times a conversation can go from somewhat dull to highly entertaining in the blink of an eye! So yea, GO USE SPY MODE NOW….or else.

Chatroulette Prank: Sensitive Loser Dude

Here’s another great Chatroulette prankster video – this is the same guy as another video I already posted, the ‘Merica one. I must say he has some legit acting talent, cracked me up quite a few times. Pay attention closely to what he says so you don’t miss the best parts, one of them occurs right in the final seconds of the first two girls he’s talking to. The guy takes on the persona of a super sensitive loser and plays it amazingly well, it’s just too funny. Kind of makes me want to try making my own videos. Anyway, make sure you keep watching until the part where he decides to be “assertive” with an asian girl, it’s awesome. Here’s the video:

Chatroulette Prank: ‘Merica Cowboy Persona

So, I recently came across this Chatroulette prank gem where the guy acts like he’s from ‘merica, with the whole country twang cowboy persona. It’s pretty hilarious, especially at the end with the emergence of a very unexpected character. Most of the people he’s talking to think he’s dead serious, which makes it much more entertaining, and he says some pretty outrageous things. I gotta hand it to the guy, he’s good at keeping a straight face! Maybe he has a career in Chatroulette pranks in the making! Anyway, enough of me telling you how great the video is, watch it below:

What Makes Chatroulette Addictive?

For many people Chatroulette merely adds fuel to the fire of an already problematic internet addiction. It’s kind of like a crutch in some ways. You see, if you’re bored at home alone and just can’t think of anything to do, why get up off your lazy butt and go meet new people in the real world when you can just point and click your way through 1000’s of new people from the comfort of your ergonomic desk chair? Yes, that’s right, ERGONOMIC! That sure beats sitting on some rock hard bar stool and having to PAY for drinks, am I right? Totally…..NOT. Look, as entertaining as Chatroulette may be, there is no substitute for meeting people in real life, and your internet addiction is bringing you down fool! You have to man up and free yourself of the addiction, and the  “next” addiction (pun totally intended….I think).

However, it may not just be this addiction to meeting new people when bored / handling a lonely feeling in the easiest way possible. The thing is, for some people, it’s a whole lot more than that, and yes, I am referring to those people you come upon pretty often that happen to not be wearing any clothes and doing unsightly things. Honestly, I think we all kind of want to know what THOSE people are thinking. Are they crazy? Or, are they just too full of testosterone? I’m going to guess a little bit of both, and I’m going to add that they probably never get laid. Thus, if you triangulate these three issues, you get the  “trifecta of sexual frustration doom”! Once under the spell of the noted trifecta, addiction to something like Chatroulette comes easy, and is tough to crack.

In summary, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I wanted to make a coherent point that might be totally incorrect  it would be:

Chatroulette is mildly addictive to someone nursing a lonely feeling, but the hardcore addict does not become seriously addicted due to Chatroulette itself, but rather, due to their own personal circumstances and how they personally interact with the world around them.