Chatroulette Prank: Sexy Time

The same guy responsible for the awesome Sensitive Loser Dude prank video has struck gold again with this gem of a prank. Yes it does involve a “sexy time” as the title suggests, but no worries, it’s PG rated material, and it’s definitely not what you’re expecting. I’m pretty sure I would crack up big time if I came across this guy on Chatroulette and he did this to me! The very first scene is pretty awesome, because his lead-in line is amazing, even though it might be kind of cheesy – he executes with utter perfection. But it doesn’t end with the first scene, he makes great moves throughout the video, so make sure to watch it from start to finish. Alright, enough from me, watch the video below:

Chatroulette Prank: Sensitive Loser Dude

Here’s another great Chatroulette prankster video – this is the same guy as another video I already posted, the ‘Merica one. I must say he has some legit acting talent, cracked me up quite a few times. Pay attention closely to what he says so you don’t miss the best parts, one of them occurs right in the final seconds of the first two girls he’s talking to. The guy takes on the persona of a super sensitive loser and plays it amazingly well, it’s just too funny. Kind of makes me want to try making my own videos. Anyway, make sure you keep watching until the part where he decides to be “assertive” with an asian girl, it’s awesome. Here’s the video:

Chatroulette Prank: ‘Merica Cowboy Persona

So, I recently came across this Chatroulette prank gem where the guy acts like he’s from ‘merica, with the whole country twang cowboy persona. It’s pretty hilarious, especially at the end with the emergence of a very unexpected character. Most of the people he’s talking to think he’s dead serious, which makes it much more entertaining, and he says some pretty outrageous things. I gotta hand it to the guy, he’s good at keeping a straight face! Maybe he has a career in Chatroulette pranks in the making! Anyway, enough of me telling you how great the video is, watch it below:

What Makes Chatroulette Addictive?

For many people Chatroulette merely adds fuel to the fire of an already problematic internet addiction. It’s kind of like a crutch in some ways. You see, if you’re bored at home alone and just can’t think of anything to do, why get up off your lazy butt and go meet new people in the real world when you can just point and click your way through 1000’s of new people from the comfort of your ergonomic desk chair? Yes, that’s right, ERGONOMIC! That sure beats sitting on some rock hard bar stool and having to PAY for drinks, am I right? Totally…..NOT. Look, as entertaining as Chatroulette may be, there is no substitute for meeting people in real life, and your internet addiction is bringing you down fool! You have to man up and free yourself of the addiction, and the  “next” addiction (pun totally intended….I think).

However, it may not just be this addiction to meeting new people when bored / handling a lonely feeling in the easiest way possible. The thing is, for some people, it’s a whole lot more than that, and yes, I am referring to those people you come upon pretty often that happen to not be wearing any clothes and doing unsightly things. Honestly, I think we all kind of want to know what THOSE people are thinking. Are they crazy? Or, are they just too full of testosterone? I’m going to guess a little bit of both, and I’m going to add that they probably never get laid. Thus, if you triangulate these three issues, you get the  “trifecta of sexual frustration doom”! Once under the spell of the noted trifecta, addiction to something like Chatroulette comes easy, and is tough to crack.

In summary, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I wanted to make a coherent point that might be totally incorrect  it would be:

Chatroulette is mildly addictive to someone nursing a lonely feeling, but the hardcore addict does not become seriously addicted due to Chatroulette itself, but rather, due to their own personal circumstances and how they personally interact with the world around them.

Chatroulette Prank: Merton Funny Piano Improv

Merton is one of the original Chatroulette users that went viral with awesome prank videos, and he has amazing talent! He originally rose to prominence back in March of 2010, which is when the press took a-hold of one of his videos and made it go viral. Basically, he sits at a piano and watches people flash across the roulette screen, and as soon as someone stops a moment to watch him he begins playing and singing a 100% improvised on the spot song that describes the person, typically in as funny a manner as possible. It’s quite entertaining! You can read more about Merton on wikipedia, but for now, watch one of his most popular videos below:


Chatroulette Prank: Katy Perry – Peacock

Besides the unwanted adult content, Chatroulette is also known for its abundance of pranksters. One of the most prolific serial pranksters is a Youtube celebrity by the name of Steve Kardynal (click here for his youtube channel), and he really knows no bounds in terms of what he’s willing to do when he makes his videos. Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so check out the video below, and then maybe some of his other masterpieces – he’s not only a Chatroulette master prankster, he dominates all walks of life!

Chatroulette Prank: The Last Exorcism

Chatroulette is well known for being a gold mine for pranksters! And apparently movie producers are no exception to the rule. This is one super-creative form of viral marketing, so much so that I have to give lots of personal super kudos to whoever came up with this absolutely fantastic idea. I’m sure just by the name you already have a pretty decent idea of what this video may entail, but try to pretend you didn’t see the name of the movie before you watch this for the best results 😉

Here is the video:


Do You Still Use Chatroulette?

A lot of bloggers kind of wrote off Chatroulette as a fad that would fade away with time. To their credit, Chatroulette has faded a bit from where it began. However, they are wrong in the sense that although it lost some of its initial popularity it is still hugely popular. Thus, I suppose it would seem that to some people it really was a fad, but to a large number of people who continue to use it to this day, it was not. And now, the site continues to evolve as the founder, Andrey Ternovsky, continuously makes changes, trying to take care of the nudity problem and make the service work faster / more efficiently.

So, whether or not you yourself still use Chatroulette, millions of other people still do every month, and the site is very much alive and well. Maybe if you don’t still use it but you did find it initially to be captivated you should make a point to check it out again from time to time to see if the right changes have been made to make you once again be interested in giving it a try. After all, as with most websites on the internet, this one is constantly evolving, and striving to be better / attract a bigger user base.



Sites Like Chatroulette

Ever since Chatroulette came out, people have been searching for other similar alternate sites to try as well. There are probably a lot of reasons for this, one of which may be that different types of people tend to visit these different sites. Anyway, I’m here to help, so here’s a list of some of the top sites like Chatroulette:

1. iMeetzu

iMeetzu is a very unique website that has your typical random video chat, but also adds it’s own text chat (with free iphone and android apps), it’s own group chat system, and an entire fully functional and popular social network. To read my full review of iMeetzu, click here.

2. Omegle

Omegle was the pioneer that starting the entire random chatting craze. They have both video and text chatting options, as well as some sweet extra features such as “spy chat” which allows you to ask a question and then spy on two people as they try to answer it – fun! To read my full review of Omegle, click here.

3. Chatrandom

Chatrandom started later than most of the random chat big boys, but it is a rising star in the niche and continues to grow at an astounding rate! It has both your typical roulette video chat and a couple other great group webcam chatting options, check it out and you won’t be disappointed! To read my full review of Chatrandom, click here.

4. Streamberry

Streamberry, like Chatrandom, is also a relatively new player. However, it also is growing pretty quick and has lots of users online at any given time! It offers both a normal random video option and a group cam option, and is 100% free! To read my full review of Streamberry, click here.

5. Camzap

Camzap has been around for a while, and it seems to have a pretty well established user base. It is a near-exact copy of the original Chatroulette, BUT it has a new version in beta mode that allows for user registration and a number of other cool features. To read my full review of Camzap, click here.

6. Random Skip

7. BazoocamRead Review

8. Cam Random Chat

9. Funyo – Read Review

10. Webcam Bam

11. Chatpig – Read Review

12. Holler Chat

13. FaceBuzz – Read Review

14. Speedy Cams

15. Flipchat – Read Review

16. Spinner Chat

17. Chattino – Read Review

18. – Read Review

19. Wocchat – Read Review

20. Lollichat – Read Review

Chatroulette Random Video Chat Room

Chatroulette random video chatChatroulette was the first random or “roulette” video chat room site. Although it came after Omegle‘s text-only version, and iMeetzu‘s random chat social network, there was still plenty of room to innovate by bringing video into the mix! Also, Chatroulette made the random chatting niche much more popular because it got so much attention from the press / mainstream media. The attention it got from the media boosted it into instant popularity, and although it isn’t quite as popular as it once was, it still gets millions of visitors a month worldwide, and consistently maintains an ranking of better than 4000 (Basically means it’s one of the top 4000 most visited websites in the world, which is really good).

At any rate, Chatroulette took a lot of heat for it’s problem with men revealing their genitals too often. Although it still can be a bit of a problem, they have done a decent job cleaning it up so it’s not quite as bad as it used to be. The large user base makes it a must try for anyone looking for a great chat room, because you never know who you will meet or where they will be from! It can be very entertaining, and sometimes you can even get pranked by people posing as celebrities or the opposite sex – you might even end up in a funny popular Youtube video! Anyway, we rank Chatroulette #3 on our list of the best chat room apps, so make sure you check it out at